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Zombie Catalog

Thinking of a moment in time where we slip up and allow overzealous corporations to monetize anything. Into the picture comes Subtle Shades Media. A power hungry company hell-bent on providing only the absolute, everlasting happiness to its investors.

Oklahoma Zombie Catalog

Alternative Zombie Toys

Oklahoma Goth Model

Oklahoma Goth Modeling

Alternative Goth Modeling in Oklahoma

Get your copy of the Oklahoma Zombie Catalog featuring the top notch alternative, goth adult models in Oklahoma City. Based on the current death rate, selected supplies are limited.

Zombie Sex Doll Catalog

By Subtle Shades Photography

12 pages, published 7/4/2015

Looking for an alternative replacement for your toys of pleasure. Check out the zombie catalog and get the very product that will truly last a lifetime.

***Please note: Although the catalog itself is for sale, the actual Zombie products are not. This catalog was designed for entertainment purposes only.