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My Vision

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Like thousands of other photographers, I started out shooting anything and everything.

If it passed in front of me, I tried to capture it. Of course, the early days were spent on wasted film and opportunities. Odd angles, poor lighting, the disappointment of lining up the perfect shot only to discover the focus was off. Or the shutter speed was wrong. The life of an amateur photographer is fraught with such perils! Still, as any artist knows the early days of the craft are the most addictive. I felt my passion for the medium coming alive with every click of the shutter. Each wasted shot was a chance to pit my mind’s eye, where each image was perfectly captured, against my imperfect technique.

It only took approximately 10,000 shots for me learn how to use my camera properly.

I started out with a Minolta, something simple and easy to use. Somewhere down the line I ended up switching to a digital camera for greater freedom in editing and modifying. Instead of buying an expensive camera, I opted for a cheap one knowing my talents would be evident regardless of the equipment. The Olympus E410 was wonderful, I paid less than $200 dollars for it and filled several Terabytes of space. After the E410 I moved on to the Olympus E-3. I eventually switched camera families and moved to the Canon 50D. I still shoot everything that passes in front of me. Luckily, these days that means beautiful women more often than not.

An Oklahoma-based photographer, I offer a mix of photography services including edgy portrait photography, on-location, in studio, and agency head shots. I tailor my shoots to showcase each client, using their specifications and my expertise to skillfully tell their story. I have done shoots on location in Lawton, Tulsa, and Oklahoma City. I guarantee I’ll be able to create beautiful images suited to any needs.

While contract photography pays the bills and allows me ample time to hone my skills, my true passion for photography is most evident in my personal projects.


Oklahoma Adult Photographer
Image by Mark Gunter

As the oldest in my family, I’ve always been considered something of a “black sheep”. I enjoy shooting (and living) outside the box. This notion is evident in my creative work, with its characteristic fusion of eroticism and abstraction. I try to put my own visions and concepts into every shoot allowing my creativity to flow, no matter how twisted. None of my projects could be considered “the norm” and that’s exactly how I like it.

These creative shoots have included liquid latex images, nude body painting, bodies encased with sheets, and even bondage. While all of these props and implements lend themselves to enhancing the shoot, my focal subject is the female body. I enjoy exploring the landscape of women’s bodies in various settings, situations, and themes. An experimentalist at heart I am re-envisioning what it means to be a photographer. I push boundaries to create beautiful pieces.

I have photographed seafood on people, painted models from head to toe and even shot my version of the 7 Deadly Sin. With my laid-back approach, I can put anybody at ease, regardless of experience level. I’m always eager to discover and capture another person’s hidden fantasies. If you are concerned about whether I'll shoot one of your crazy concepts, don't be. The crazier the better.

My most recent project has been a version of the encased with sheets, and even ropes. I have even started shooting my version of the Fallout Fems. These images showcase the beauty of women in the aftermath of a nuclear fallout. The stark contrast between the women’s soft, sensual curves and the gas masks is further emphasized by the inverted color scheme. These photographs are hauntingly artistic, designed to rouse desire while disturbing the mind.

I am here to capture the strange, the twisted, the alternative, and the enthralling. I am not just a photographer with a camera in hand. I am an artist, with a unique vision and the tools to bring it to full, messy fruition. I want to show you the world through my eyes. My art is an invitation to crack open my skull, and crawl inside. Experience my twisted, beautiful mind.