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Twisted Personal Projects

Please note that images in these galleries contain nudity and adult fiction. You must be 18+ year old to read/view. If you are offended by explicit nudity. Feel free to check out my portfolio. **You have been warned!**

  • Zombie Catalog

    Body Painting

    What is it, they wonder, what is it about that girl? The one with platinum hair and too blue eyes? She soars above the city, arms outstretched, feet bare. Wind catches her hair and whips it ‘round, swiping it into her face…

  • Zombie Catalog

    Zombie Catalog

    Now on sale - featuring our first ever zombie sex dolls catalog. Purchase the zombie of your dreams. While supplies last…

  • I Love Blood

    I Love Blood

    Combining the beauty of a woman and my fascination of blood create these art pieces…

  • Inverted Fallout Fems

    Inverted Fallout Fems

    Adding a twist to the sexiness of Fallout Fems, based off alternative and goth modeling in Oklahoma City, OKC…

  • Alternative & Goth Modeling

    Alternative & Goth Modeling

    Featuring some of the most talented, eccentric, and beautiful models I have had the pleasure of working with…

  • Liquid Latex: Venom

    Liquid Latex: Venom

    Teamed up with the Native Hippie, we made our version of the villain Venom from Marvel comics…

  • Octopus


    Taking my love of seafood and the beauty of a woman. I combine the two bringing you this twisted collection…

  • 7 Deadly Sins

    7 Deadly Sins

    FOCUSED ON THE 7 DEADLY SINS, I give you my visions on these Cardinal Sins. (On-going project) Gallery prints available…

Personal Projects

  • Best Body Parts

    Best Body Parts

    Featuring some of the best body parts in Oklahoma…

  • Best Bikini Bodies

    Best Bikini Bodies

    Featuring some of the best bikini bodes in Oklahoma…

  • Fire & Ice

    Fire & Ice

    A gallery of images to make you sweat and cool you off at the same time…

  • Glamour Nudes

    Glamour Nudes

    WORKING WITH TALENTED NUDE MODELS, I have always been fortunate to work with many talented models. You can see the model talent in Oklahoma…

  • Fallout Fems

    Fallout Fems

    “WHAT’S THE MASK FOR?” She asks timidly. Her bravado from the bar is gone now. She’s fidgeting with her gold necklace as she stares at the mask in my hand. I swing it back and forth by the strap, smirking at her…

  • Fine Art Nudes

    Fine Art Nudes

    IF CURVES IS WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, check out these beautiful landscapes…