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Nude Bodies with Octopus

The cool rubbery skin makes my fingers tingle. He is laying on a table. Standing over him, I look down at his pale blue skin and smile.

I dash across the room to start the music and pull off my shirt as I walk back toward the table, past the pole bolted to the ceiling. I unhook my bra, and slide my pants off.

Tits and Tentacles - alternative model in Oklahoma City

I stand before him in nothing but my underwear and stroke my hands from his tentacles up to his head. People always expect seafood to be sticky, but it isn't. He just feels cool and rubbery.

I always imagine them as boys. My boyfriend loves photographing my fetish, but I think he’d have an issue if I imagined straddling female sea creatures. Or if I actually did it.

I never expected seafood to be such a turn on, but since I tried it, I can't get enough. This time I’m fondling an octopus, and I can’t help but become turned on by the idea of eight separate tentacles running all over my body.

Alternative Model with Parasite

He’s heavier than I expected, and as I lift him I can hear my boyfriend snapping pictures. I place him behind my neck like a scarf and pause a moment to feel the suction cups grip me, like an embrace.

His tentacles are long, one drapes over my breast and the others hang past my hips. As the music picks up, I strut to the poles and begin to dance. The clicking of the camera picks up, and I try to ignore it.

Focusing on the music, I feel only the cool rubbery skin against me. I move with the beat, faster and faster. I feel something building inside of me, pressing to get out until I sink to my knees.

As I look into your eyes

The clicking camera stops and my boyfriend walks toward me. “Are you ok?”

Still on my knees, I look up at him. The closest thing he has to a tentacle is protruding from his jeans.

I grin at him as I reach up to his belt. “Take a picture of this,” I tell him as I unbutton his pants.

Just pretend, I tell myself.


Written by: Cheri Courjoule

Alternative Nude Modeling in Oklahoma

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