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Encased - Let's Build a Fort

"Let's build a fort!" she says enthusiastically, bounding up with the tequila bottle still in hand.

I'm laying on the floor still tipsy from the second shot of the evening, and third shot of my life. "You want to do what?" I ask her, barely lifting my head.

"Didn't you ever build pillow forts when you were little?"

"No," I answer shortly. I push myself up onto my elbows. "Pour me another." I hold up the glass.

She looks down at me skeptically. "I think you've had enough."

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"Oh c'mon!" I beg. Truthfully I'm just trying to keep up with her -- to impress her.

She grins, and then throws a pile of sheets and blankets on me. "First, we build a fort."

I acquiesce, and stand up. "Where do we start?"

She looks around our tiny dorm room. "First we need some chairs to hold up the blankets."

We drag our desk chairs over and set them apart. She stops to pour me another drink before dropping the first sheet over the chairs.

I knock back the new shot and demand another. "How did you even get this anyway? Aren't you 18?" I ask after I finish my fourth shot of the evening.

"Guys will do anything for a BJ," she answers with a wink.

I nod, unwilling to admit that I'm not entirely sure what a BJ is. "Oh my God! I'm dying," I say instead.

She's arranging our fort and doesn't look up. "What's wrong?"

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"It's so hot."

She still doesn't look up. "It's the liquor. You should take off your shirt. Or get some ice."

"I'm so fucking drunk, I couldn't go outside right now."

"Then take off your shirt." She turns and grabs some pillows from our beds and tosses them into the fort.

I slowly start unbuttoning my shirt, waiting for her to tell me that she was only joking.

By the time I've unbuttoned all of the buttons and have slipped off the shirt, she tells me the fort is finished. "Oh," she says with a laugh. "I didn't think you'd actually do it."

"Why not?" I ask as she's whipping off her tank top.

"You seemed like kind of a prude when I met you." She's standing there, and I realize that she isn't wearing a bra. I guess she hasn't been wearing one this whole time. I feel very strange.

She climbs into our fort. "Come on!"

I slip off my bra. "Now we match.”

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She tugs me down on the floor next to her. My hand slips on to her left breast. She looks at my hand, and looks at me, and then laughs. "I wouldn't have pegged you as being into girls."

Her breast feels so warm and soft in my hand, I don't know what to think of it. I've never been this close to anyone before, not even my high school boyfriend.

My voice trembles. "I don't know that I am."

She brings her face so close to mine I can feel her against my cheek. "You aren't sure? Have you ever tried it?"

I haven't. I can feel her breath, hot on my neck as her lips draw closer to my earlobe. My ear is between her teeth -- it hurts and feels wonderful at the same time.

"I want to. Please."

She pushes herself on to her knees and looks down on me. She puts a hand on my knee and slides upward toward my hip. Slowly -- too slowly. I want her now, but I can't be sure what it is that I want. Her hand reaches the top of my jeans and she experts unbuttons them with a single hand.

Her hand slips into my pants, and under my underwear. I feel suddenly embarrassed that they aren't lacy, but I forget just as quickly when she finger lightly traces one specific spot.

"Oh my God," I moan as quietly as I can.

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She doesn't stop and I'm pushing myself toward her. She pushes her fingers inside of me again and again. I can barely breathe. The feelings are too intense.

I push her hand away. She looks at me surprised and licks her fingers.

"Why'd you stop me?" she asks after what feels like an eternity.

I'm embarrassed. I can feel my face burning. "I don't know," I look at the floor. "It was just... too much, I guess."

She giggles. "Oh my God, are you a virgin?"

I nod.

"But your boyfriend..."

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I shake my head.

She leans over me and I want her desperately. I grab her and pull her face to my mouth. "That's the first time I've ever kissed anyone," I tell her.

She smirks at me. "This is the first time I've ever been with a virgin."

Written by: Cheri Courjoule