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My Gorgeous Ghost

The memory of each beautiful woman I have had my hands upon creeps onto me now with a sting that chills me to my very bones. The back of my neck is a live with anticipation as little hairs stand at attention. My lips quiver as I salivate at the thought of their taste.

Every last one of them are my beauties. All of them unique and rare with the firmness and softness of their bodies still remembered by my fingertips. My back is lined with scars from fingernails racing feverishly down my back only adding to the pleasure of what was yet to come for me. These scars are the only tangible reminders I have that these encounters ever happened and that these beauties ever graced my presence.

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Oh, sweet specters, the hauntingly gorgeous ghosts of my past. Stay with me always in my mind as perfect as the night I took you. These women had so much trust in me. I am the champion of single lonely women, the devilishly handsome prince come to rescue each one and whisk them away to my castle for a night of obligation free passion. They get so much more than what they bargain for. They get freedom and to they will stay beautiful forever.

To me this is just sex. Not a long term commitment to someone else this is my way of being free; this is my way of satisfying…the hunger. This is where I find my center. Our bodies collide in passion and drip with sweat, our hot breaths are shared between parted lips and moans of pleasure soon turn into struggled pants of how dangerous I really am. The horror is real when the beast comes to play with beauty. My hands wrap around their slender throats and begin to clench tighter, tighter, and tighter. My eyes stare deep into theirs watching a spectacular burst of emotions. I play witness to the entire spectrum and I enjoy every moment it offers. I see the bed room eyes, the sudden realization of danger, the struggle and desperation to plea for their life, the acceptance that they have now ran out of time, and then…the nothing. It’s nothing more than sex to me and it feels so spiritual, so right. To me there is no other perversion than normalcy.

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This is my normal.

This excites me, especially the more they fight me among the cold sheets of my bed where moments ago was sensuality and naivety. “You are now my angel forever. You are now free to haunt me as you please.” I whisper this as I clutch these magnificent creatures to my chest one last time. That last embrace fills me with satisfaction as I say a little prayer that my gorgeous ghost will come and be with only me until the end of my days. I make them all promise me that they will come to me in the night and entertain me in my bed once more.

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